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Author: Vladas Balsys
Form: Process, schedule of piece realization.
Date: 2008 - 2009
  „Shortened work time“ – a procedural piece of art, which is connected with a concrete place in the certain
period of time. This piece, insignificant demolition or reorganization of the existing system of art context.
 Realisation of the project – work time shortening of the art gallery „Art park“. Employees of the gallery
will be obliged to lock the gallery and to stop working 1 hour before the official end of work during the exhibition
“Kaunas in art: Context”. Pieces of art, exhibited in the locked gallery, will acquire an unusual context by such way
– they will become invisible for a spectator and will become a part of procedural piece “Shortened work time” system.
General time interval of the piece – 51 hour. An expositional period and the gallery of this exhibition
is time and space of the “Shortened work time”.

© Vladas Balsys / 2007-2010