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Author: Vladas Balsys
Form: video installation.
Date: 2006
The idea was born on 8 April 2006, on Saturday. The geographical location of its birth is not important. It might be
formulated, let’s say, in the point A or in the point B, or the point C. ‘It’ may probably be in the point V. The position
of the object'It' may fluctuate; consequently, the context also may partly change. Does ‘it’ change partly doe to the
context, which fluctuates partly? It does not change. By changing its location in the space, the object ‘It’ stays
the same except the possibility to change its features. However, it is the most important that 'it' finally exists;
and therefore, the essential conclusions may be drawn.
The essential visual object of the film is a matchbox and 45 PCS matches in it. During the video installation,
the dimension of the main object, the time and the place do not change. Only part of the features of the object
– colours – changes. The interval of the change of the colours is not significant; therefore, when observing the object,
it is not possible to understand what physical colour if the object is in the reality. No logical conception that green
is green makes the object as a mysterious one. Green is red or yellow or ‘It’.

© Vladas Balsys / 2007-2010