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Author: Vladas Balsys
Form: process, video.
Date: 2008
One of the participants of „White club“projects disappeared during the international artistic project in Nida (Lithuania)
on June-July of 2008. Witnesses and the kidnapped artist V. B. later on stated, that this was a planned experiment.
„I understood, that I am as if strange (different) in this project on the first day after „conversation“ with artist, who
arrived to Nida. I immediately left Nida when I received a coded digital message from
Johannes. I refused of any physical contact with participants and decided not to appear in the project any more on
the second day when I felt tension. But on the third day I again arrived to the town. But somehow I did not managed
to meet participants of the project and after several hours I departed. On the following days I participated in the
project simply not existing in it physically. Now I think, that I was kidnapped by alliens (1), although I have not
seen them anywhere...“ unwillingly tells V. B.
(1) Aliens – dangerous characters, which exist near us, among us and inside us.

© Vladas Balsys / 2007-2010