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Author: Vladas Balsys
Form: process.
Date: 2006
Extract from the process, book "Transformations of aesthetics and philosophy of art", pages from 51 to 69:
"…started matured arose spread became was preserved differed helped determined showed up showed up intercepted
merged became formed spread grouped aspired arrogated spoke created demonstrated demonstrated associated
aspired rejected refused left continued aspired lifted aspired determined passed changed saw rendered had
rose showed up became became explained criticized took dominated criticized urged related confirmed was
affected induced became was appealed had visited was supported was emphasized consisted formed evaluated
became joined was wrote was intercepted was became was was referred wrote left thought did wrote wrote wrote
wasn’t happened became fascinated we didn’t perceive determined rejected wrote associated did became dictated
perceived highlighted revealed fixed destroyed associated did assumed became noticed created affected
associated lost assumed converted fell out lost guessed showed up did became directed materialized left lost
trampled strengthened lofted touched fell out became didn’t disturb showed up noticed created stated loosened
stimulated was associated intercepted intercepted turned prepared lifted announced finished died finished
denied raised noticed was rehabilitated associated showedup declined became announced expanded…"

© Vladas Balsys / 2007-2010