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Architect: Vladas Balsys
Form: Competition project (honorable mention).
Adress: Medellin, Colombia.
Date: 2010
Every day city is moving, expanding, and changing but in trivial life the speed of city’s journey is almost invisible. A man and a city exist in different times. City is always on the road where climbing the steps of time grants it strength, resistance, power; landing grants lightness, comfort ability and freedom. Every new step of city is the next day of Getting younger and older at the same time is an exceptional quality of city. Museum of city is a space in which every time a man can find new relationship between changes of city’s past, present and future.
During the process of projecting the Medellin City Museum in Colombia the main goal was to create a new relation between existing and non-existing city. This building is both a specific volume and an object which melts in natural environment. This is a building which reveals Medellin’s past, present, and future. In order to create functional opportunity for a visitor of the museum to comprehend the size of Medellin as clearly as possible there is a panoramic overlook site projected on the museum’s roof. Another important aspect of the museum is inside structure. The structure of the building is projected in such manner that it seems as if the inner space was a mini-city, and various inner rooms looked like buildings with inner roads, yards, light wells, bridges, panoramic overlook site, amphitheatre, fountain. One more crucial element of inner space is the museum’s inner garden. It is located in the lowest part of the building and is projected in such manner that all four grounds were connected with continuous natural space of the garden. This area in the building conditionally erases borders between the natural surroundings of the hill Nutibara and the inner structure of the city’s museum.
•   Project review.

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