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Author: Vladas Balsys
Form: installation.
Date: 2000
“…action of art was called “Signs in the city”. Usual signed system of city was supplemented or transformed with
signs, symbols, unexpected, bold or subtle sculptural accents, offered by artists. Such signed interventions as often
as not changes usual course of movement, glimpse, causes “short” in imagination and compels to view living space
more fixedly, to plunge into reverie about its signed nature…”
“…However, Vladas Balsys “Cemetery”, wandered to the new suburbs, appeared to be the most dramatic. Fixing
matchboxes, painted in black, symmetrically regularly to the blocks of multistoried houses author predicts sad
perspective for residents of the sleeping precincts of cities: residents, closed in symmetrical spaces, have only
one possibility – prolong the triumph of order and rationality measuring black ground of cemeteries. Work of Vladas
Balsys distinguishes for laconicism, choice of individual place and voluminous signed content of minimalistic work…”
Virginijus Kincinaitis

© Vladas Balsys / 2007-2010